2016 Food Safety Microbiology Seminar and Life Sciences Vendor Showcase

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Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. (MiL) presents a seminar on various topics related to microbiology typically twice a year and has been doing so for many years now.  These Seminars have focused on food Safety, Plant Sciences & Agricultural Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, and Pharmaceutical microbiology.  As part of these seminars, the MiL has had the opportunity to bring leading researchers, industry leaders, and businesses to people wanting to know where technology is taking us in understanding the future of Microbiology and the specific fields of interest that will make life better for millions.  Sponsors who make this event possible provide attendees with an opportunity to see and hear what microbiology is driving to make the world a better place for everyone.  The seminars are for everyone who wants to learn more about the specific topic of the particular seminar, and who wants to connect with our key speakers and learn what they are doing in moving the industry forward.

This year’s seminar will be held on Friday, May 13, 2016.  The MiL, Inc. and our sponsors invite you to attend our seminar, a half-day series of speakers from both academia and the food industry addressing applied and analytical food microbiology issues and food safety.

For those involved in human, pet or animal food manufacturing, as well as food and other preparation, processing, and sales disciplines who are concerned with the possible health and safety impact of your products, this seminar will provide you with invaluable technological knowledge and perspective on microbiological principles for decision making.

Representatives of health education and services, nutrition, and public health programs will be interested in learning from leaders of the industry about techniques and technologies available to combat food-borne pathogens.

Technical sales personnel in the various industries, food microbiologists, laboratory specialists, and others who desire the latest information in microbial characterization and identification, and functional groups of organisms, will find the seminar packed with new ideas and methodologies.

Space is limited, so attendance will be restricted to the first 55 registrants.


Learning Objectives

The seminar will build upon basic microbiology for the formulator/diagnostic safety and quality microbiology decision-maker. After attending the seminar, you will have a basic understanding of the principles of diagnostic food microbiology, with a focus on newer methodologies such as qPCR that are being applied ever more frequently from the applied areas of biochemistry and biotechnology.

Through our seminar, which provides a solid foundation of excellence in microbiology and quantitative analytical methods, you will become aware of the many resources available to assist you with issues involving food safety microbiology. Your perspective on the microbial world around you will be greatly enhanced to the benefit of both you and your clients.

Early Registration Discount ends May 1, 2016 

Seminar Sponsors: BioMerieaux, Shimadzu, and ATCC

Vendor Showcase Sponsors: Mayflower BioScience, Helix Center Core Lab, and Microbe Inotech Labs

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