About Us

Microbe Inotech Laboratories (MiL), is a Pluton Biosciences laboratory providing full-service microbiological testing for customers ranging in size from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies.

A Pluton Biosciences Laboratory

Founded 29 years ago by Dr. Bruce Hemming, MiL employs experienced technicians with the latest technology and equipment to scan a variety of environmental samples for known pathogens and contaminants. MiL finds the dangerous microbes in air, fluids, and solids to protect businesses and the public from potential health hazards and liabilities. MiL holds USDA permits to accept soil and water samples nationally and internationally for testing and is an ELITE Certified Lab for Legionella testing.

Microbe Inotech is the testing brand for Pluton Biosciences, a microbial discovery and testing company based in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to keeping its customers safe today, Pluton is committed to helping manufacturers go green. Pluton’s Micromining discovery platform rapidly discovers beneficial microbes in the soil for use in sustainable natural products across a variety of industries.