Kinetic Assay

The Kinetics Study uses the 96 well microliter plate, containing a tetrazolium dye that darkens proportionately to the metabolic activity of the strain. The kinetic plate is put into the microplate reader immediately after preparation. The optical density of the wells is then read every 10 minutes for 18 hours. Each reading is automatically plotted to create a growth curve. Comparisons of curves from wells with nutrients to the control wells gives your precise information about how the addition of any substrates will affect the growth of your strains.

Shown here are typical formats used at The MiL, Inc.:



384 well kinetic plate


For rapid determination of minimal inhibitory concentrations of biocides, antibiotics, disinfectants, etc.







96 well kinetic plate
Highly reproducible growth curves provide significant information on various test and media formulations.


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