Microbial Testing Services

Microbe Inotech offers a wide range of qualified testing services designed to protect your business and its customers from the threat of harmful microbes. Click on the icons below to learn more about each of our services.

Water Quality

Dangerous waterborne illnesses caused by pathogens such as Legionella,E. coli, and Salmonella can grow undetected in your water systems. Lead and other chemicals can also leech from your pipes into your water supply. Microbe Inotech's comprehensive Water Quality Testing Service protects your business from these microbial and chemical threats.


Maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for patients and staff at your healthcare or nursing home facility is vital to everyone's health. You can rest assured knowing that everyone is safe from environmental pathogens through our comprehensive water, air, and surface testing services.


Maintaining healthy soil rich in beneficial microbes is the foundation for growing hardy crops and vegetation. Know what's in your soil by using our agriculture testing to evaluate plant-microbe interactions, soil amendments, herbicides, and plant and animal pathogens.

Microbial Identification

We are experts at identifying various types of bacteria, yeast, and fungi present in a variety of environmental samples. Rely on us to provide qualified, accurate identification of your important microbial samples using state-of-the-art genomic approaches.


To safeguard your manufacturing processes and products, partner with Microbe Inotech. We provide quality screening for microbial contaminants to ensure product quality and protect your staff and customers.


Microbial pathogens can be found in any environment, at any time. Our sophisticated testing capabilities allow us to identify the presence of dangerous microbes in the environment through our bioremediation, soil, water, and mycotoxin testing to give you peace of mind.

Microbial Research and Discovery

Microbe Inotech's parent company, Pluton Biosciences®, researches and mines beneficial microbes in the soil for use in sustainable bioproducts across a variety of industries, including pesticide, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and bioremediation. Pluton’s targeted Micromining® process discovers new microbial solutions quickly and inexpensively, speeding the introduction of novel bioproducts through the research and development pipeline to market.

For more information about Pluton Biosciences, click here.