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Microbe Inotech is a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) Laboratory. This means we are equipped to handle pathogenic microbes from a variety of environmental sources.

A Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) Laboratory

Microbe Inotech Laboratories is a 29-year-old microbial testing company specializing in the detection and identification of microbial pathogens and contaminants. We are a BSL2 lab with staffing trained and qualified to handle pathogenic microbes. We are the only CDC ELITE certified lab in Missouri for testing Legionella. We also hold USDA permits for receiving archaea, bacteria, fungi, and viruses both domestically and internationally for diagnostic and research purposes.

Microbe Inotech is a division of Pluton Biosciences, a microbial discovery company. Pluton Biosciences specializes in the screening of large microbial populations for desired traits and genes. We further manipulate these populations and isolate individual microbes or microbial sub-populations for development into natural commercial applications.

We currently have three PhD scientists on staff who specialize in microbiology: Dr. Barry Goldman, Dr. Ann Guggisberg, and Dr. Diana Beckman. Our advisory board consists of four additional PhD scientists, including Dr. Bruce Hemming, the founder of Microbe Inotech.