Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. (MiL, Inc.) presents a seminar on various topics related to microbiology typically twice a year and has been doing so for many years now.  These Seminars have focused on food Safety, Plant Sciences & Agricultural Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, and Pharmaceutical Microbiology.  As part of these seminars the MiL, Inc. has had the opportunity to bring leading researchers, Industry leaders, and awareness of businesses to people wanting to know where technology is taking us in understanding the future of microbiology and the specific fields of interest that will make life better for millions.  Sponsors who make this event possible provide attendees with an opportunity to see and hear how microbiology is making an impact in the world providing a better place for everyone.  The seminars are for everyone who wants to learn more about the specific topic of the particular seminar, and who would like to connect with our key speakers and learn what they are about.

Seminars typically take place in the spring and fall, with at least one also including a vendor showcase.  The vendor showcase provides companies the opportunity to display their technologies, explain how they can benefit your organization, and even provide you with valuable contacts for the future.  The seminar also allows you the opportunity to gain insight into how the industry is improving and making advances in research and building knowledge for future applications.

The sponsors provide you with a positive experience by defraying the costs, thereby making the seminar affordable to those who are in the industry, and to those wanting to attend (such as students looking for connections and a career portal in the life sciences).  

So what can you expect to see and hear at a MiL, Inc. organized and sponsored seminar?  Well  It depends on the topic:

  • Food Safety seminars  have featured discussions on the benefits and drawbacks of GMO foods and how researchers and regulatory agencies are working to protect the food supply; glyphosate and its impact on food production; and its perceived risks and benefits for the consumer. Presentations on the latest technology platforms are frequently a part of the program.
  • Environmental Microbiology seminars have featured discussions on new methodologies on dealing with organisms to provide a positive impact on the environment and those organisms having a negative impact on the environment.  The discussions on biochemistry of these organisms and our search for better understanding of how we can use microbiology to improve our environment have provided insights on the directions the industry is taking in bioremediation of contaminated soils and ground waters.
  • Industrial seminars talk about the problems faced dealing with industrial fluids, the organisms that can grow in those harsh environments and the potential problems those organisms can create. Product screening and shelf life issues of a wide variety of manufactured goods.
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology seminars have included discussions on the impact of organisms on the development of pharmaceuticals and the safety of pharmaceutical products.  The human microbiome is a fascinating view into how these organisms behave and impact us directly.

Some of our Past Presenters and Sponsors have included:


  • William J. Bremer of Kestrel Management Services
  • Dr. Tim Janota of Chemir Laboratories  
  • Dr. James Nokes of Microbac Laboratories  
  • Dr. Douglas S. Kalman of Miami Research Associates
  • Dr. Yie-Hwa Chang of Mediomics, LLC.
  • Alan Traylor of MOCON
  • Dr. Shramik Sengupta of the University of Missouri
  • Dr. Don M. Huber of Purdue University
  • Dr. Bruce G. Hammond of Monsanto Company
  • Dr. Rex Dyer of Ag-Defense Systems
  • Dr. Hari Dwiwedi, VMD of bioMerieux Industry
  • Dr. Jeffrey Gordon of Washington University in St. Louis

Former and often repeat Sponsors:  

  • Microbe Inotech Laboratories lnc.
  • Helix Center Bio Incubator
  • St. Louis County Economic Development Council

(known now at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership)

  • Hussmann Corporation
  • bioMerieux Industry   
  • St Louis Community College
  • Kleertech
  • Kestrel Management Services LLC.
  • Microbac Laboratories
  • Genetic ID
  • Mocon
  • Ribus

The MiL, Inc. is evergreen at ways we can continue to be of value and service as a leader in microbiology research and testing services. Our watch words continue to be “Excellence in Microbiology, in Service, and in Value”.  We at the MiL, Inc. are constantly looking at how we can provide better and improved seminars which we bring to the community, as well as, in all that we do.  Feel free to let us know if you would like to assist as a sponsor of one of our events, give a presentation, have your organization participate in the vendor showcase, or even participate as an attendee at seminars or vendor showcases.  If you have a topic suggestion, we are happy to entertain innovations in our programs. Let us hear from you that we can place your contact information on appropriate lists to let you know of impending opportunities.


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